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The ETHDenver hackathon and gathering will be an event for the books, assembling blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, developers, and community members from all around the world. Although the core purpose of the event is to #buidl, there are various other ways attendees can enjoy their three-day Colorado experience.

Indeed, ETHDenver offers several opportunities for individuals to put their money where their mouths are and meaningfully engage with the technology they are helping to develop. Here are a few key opportunities for dogfooding (which refers to when a group uses its own products) at the event:

1. buffiDai: ETHDenver is not only a hackathon but also an ephemeral, microcosmic cryptoeconomy with its own cryptocurrency, buffiDai. Essentially, this is how the ETHDenver cryptoeconomy will work:

Attendees will receive a physical SOLIDcoin with a QR code. Scanning the code with a mobile device will direct individuals to their own burner wallets containing the buffiDai that ETHDenver has given them. Thanks to work from Austin Griffith, these burner wallets do not require any apps or browser extensions to access, allowing attendees to immediately participate within ETHDenver's cryptoeconomy.

Participating vendors will have burner wallets to accept buffiDai. When purchasing drinks at a bar or grabbing a bite to eat from a food truck, for example, a customer will scan the vendor's QR code to transfer buffiDai from their own burner wallet to the vendor's. The transaction process will only take seconds to complete.

2. Scavenger Hunt: Using their Status wallets, attendees can interact with ETHDenver community partners and earn Gitcoin Kudos for their participation. These Kudos are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be stored within individuals' Status wallets. Each Kudos collected corresponds to a physical sticker. If somebody acquires all the available Kudos at ETHDenver, they will receive a KeepKey hardware wallet and a commemorative wooden NFT placard.

3. Project Submissions and Prizes: After tirelessly working on their projects, buidlers can submit their work via Kauri, a decentralized content aggregation platform. Each team's Kauri submission will then be part of the Ethereum blockchain.

Further, Kauri will make a Web3-related knowledge base available for all ETHDenver attendees. Individuals can contribute to this repository by offering feedback for knowledge gaps and sharing helpful content.

As for prizes, hackathon winners will receive cryptocurrency-based rewards in addition to Kudos and NFTs.

ETHDenver has provided the dog food; now participants can eat it.